What’s the Best Probiotic Yogurt? How to Choose the Most Effective Probiotic Yogurt

best probiotic yogurt

Looking for the best probiotic yogurt on the market? You’re in good company. And why not – after all, it makes perfect sense. Yogurt sounds like an easy way for you to incorporate healthy probiotics into your diet in a tasty, effortless way. But that’s not always the case. Heat can often kill the active […]

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What are the Best Probiotics for IBS?

best probiotics for IBS

Gas, bloating and constipation are a pain in the butt to deal with. Literally. And if you’re one of the 25 to 45 million Americans who deal with IBS on a daily basis, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, known as IBS, is fairly common. In fact, it’s the most common functional gastrointestinal […]

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Types of Probiotics: Which Probiotic Strains are Best for You?

types of probiotics

Probiotics are certainly in the news more than they used to be. You probably see ads for probiotic products quite often. But how do you know which probiotic strains your body needs? What do the different types of probiotics do? Probiotics are usually bacteria, but in all cases they’re live microorganisms that have similarities to those beneficial […]

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Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics: What’s the Difference?

digestive enzymes and probiotics

Gluten-free, bioavailable, hyperlocal, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and probiotics…There are so many different buzzwords constantly floating around the world of health, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what! Even the most health conscious amongst us gets lost in a sea of terminology. While many of us have a pretty impressive health and wellness vocabulary, very […]

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Probiotics for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

You take probiotics for your immunity, your overall digestive health and to ward off diarrhea when you travel. But what about your best friend? Is probiotics for dogs as beneficial for them as they are for you? Absolutely! Probiotics benefit dogs in much the same way they benefit humans. These “good” bacteria live in your dog’s […]

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Histamine Intolerant? Read This Before You Take Probiotics

histamine intolerance and probiotics

By now, pretty much everyone knows about the health benefits of probiotics. Gut problems? Probiotics. Skin conditions? Probiotics. Vaginal itching and discomfort? Probiotics. And there’s a whole host of other perks of probiotics as well. So many people have found relief from persistent health conditions simply by adding probiotics into their daily diet that it […]

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8 Serious Consequences of an Unhealthy Gut

consequences of imbalanced gut

There’s no doubt about: a healthy gut is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing. And if you’ve lived with an unhealthy gut, you already know exactly how uncomfortable it can be (i.e. gas and diarrhea). But it gets even worse – turns out that an imbalance of healthy gut flora could lead to a number […]

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What are the Best Probiotics for Leaky Gut?

best probiotics for leaky gut

If you’ve done any reading about leaky gut, then you know it means that toxins can pass through the lining of your digestive tract and get into your bloodstream! This is something no one wants to mess with…so how can probiotics help? How Do Probiotics Help Leaky Gut? Leaky gut is the non-medical term for […]

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9 Non Dairy Probiotics Perfect for the Lactose Intolerant

best non dairy probiotics

You already know how crucial it is to have a wealth of good gut bacteria. Especially if you’re among the 60 to 70 million Americans who are affected by digestive diseases, there is almost nothing you wouldn’t do – or eat – to get rid of the bloating, gas and cramping that plague you throughout […]

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7 Easy Ways to Heal Your Gut

easy ways to heal your gut

Listen to your gut! You’ve probably heard this advice over and over again. Now it’s time to really start paying attention to your core. And I’m not taking about listening to your intuition, I’m talking about that crazy powerhouse in the centre of your body. Your gut health affects you from your head to your toes […]

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