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9 Delicious Yogurt Dessert Recipes that are Great for Your Gut

yogurt dessert recipes

I dare you to think of one food that is more associated with gut health than good old yogurt. And for good reason, too – this fermented breakfast staple is brimming with probiotics cultures that strengthen the digestive tract. But why limit this creamy, delicious probiotic food to the confines of the breakfast table? Especially […]

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What’s the Best Probiotic Yogurt? How to Choose the Most Effective Probiotic Yogurt

best probiotic yogurt

Looking for the best probiotic yogurt on the market? You’re in good company. And why not – after all, it makes perfect sense. Yogurt sounds like an easy way for you to incorporate healthy probiotics into your diet in a tasty, effortless way. But that’s not always the case. Heat can often kill the active […]

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13 Everyday Foods that Aid Digestion

There is nothing worse than finishing a great meal…and then feeling your stomach start flopping and bubbling. No matter how tasty the treat, indigestion just isn’t worth it! Sadly, so many of the world’s most delicious foods are horrible for digestion. The good news is that there are some amazing foods out there that can help […]

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11 Probiotic Rich Foods from Around the World

vegan probiotics

Trying to make your diet more gut-healthy without having to eat the same old probiotic foods? Nothing against good old yogurt, of course, but hey – your tastebuds need diversity! Well, here’s an easy fix. Start adding some of the world’s most nutritious, probiotic-rich foods into your diet. We’ve collected the tastiest, bacteria-laden (in a good […]

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7 Easy Probiotic Foods to Add to Your Daily Diet

easy probiotic foods

Probiotics are the helpful bacteria that live inside of your body. By fighting against harmful bacteria they are able to create a healthy balance that keeps you feeling your best. These friendly bacteria are best known for their ability to prevent and treat indigestion, constipation and diarrhea. But they aren’t a one-trick pony! Beyond just working […]

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Top 7 Probiotic Drinks to Sip Your Way to Gut Health

best probiotic drinks

Ready to transform your health? Rather than trying to count the tons of probiotics in your pickle, why not just drink down your daily requirement? It’s easier to do than you might think – all you need to do is find a source of probiotics that you love and get in the habit of gulping it […]

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10 Delicious Prebiotic Foods to Feast Your Way to a Healthier Gut

best prebiotic foods

We are a nation slowly but surely becoming obsessed with prebiotics, but why? Why are they suddenly so important to our health? According to the Journal of Nutrition, a prebiotic is “a selectively fermented ingredient that allows specific changes, both in the composition and/or activity in the gastrointestinal microflora that confers benefits upon host well-being […]

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