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8 Serious Consequences of an Unhealthy Gut

consequences of imbalanced gut

There’s no doubt about: a healthy gut is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing. And if you’ve lived with an unhealthy gut, you already know exactly how uncomfortable it can be (i.e. gas and diarrhea). But it gets even worse – turns out that an imbalance of healthy gut flora could lead to a number […]

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7 Easy Ways to Heal Your Gut

easy ways to heal your gut

Listen to your gut! You’ve probably heard this advice over and over again. Now it’s time to really start paying attention to your core. And I’m not taking about listening to your intuition, I’m talking about that crazy powerhouse in the centre of your body. Your gut health affects you from your head to your toes […]

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How to Restore Good Gut Bacteria after Antibiotics

gut health after antibiotics

Congratulations! You are feeling better and ready to get your gut health back on track after a round of antibiotics. If you are reading this you probably already know how critical good gut bacteria is to your overall health. Keeping harmony in your gut flora is such a core part of good health so, of […]

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7 Telltale Intestinal Flora Imbalance Symptoms

How are you feeling? Are you worn out? Anxious? Suffering from allergies? If you’ve been experiencing some strange goings on with your body, these signs may simply be symptoms of an intestinal flora imbalance. Believe it or not, there are countless ways your gut affects your entire body. And it’s no surprise why when you […]

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8 Surprising Benefits of Probiotics that Go Beyond Gut Health

8 benefits of probiotics

Think probiotics are just about gut health? Sure, these friendly bacteria are great for your gut, but the benefits of probiotics extend far past your gut. In fact, they benefit your body from head to toe. But first things first. Before we really go in-depth about what probiotics can do for your body, we need […]

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