Here are the Best Probiotics for Colon Health

best probiotics for colon health

If you’re researching the best probiotics for colon health, you’re on the right track It’s natural to think of bacteria only in the terms of the diseases they cause. However, your body contains good bacteria, too. When people speak about “good” bacteria, they are referring to probiotics, which are live yeasts and bacteria that are […]

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When to Take Probiotics: 10 Times When It Really Helps

when to take probiotics

When to take probiotics is a good question that goes beyond a simple: anytime is a good time for probiotics. It’s true that taking a quality probiotic supplement is an excellent way to keep your body healthy. The microorganisms known as “good” bacteria live in the intestinal tract, and they maintain a balanced environment there […]

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Do Probiotics Need to Be Refrigerated? Everything You Need to Know

do probiotics need to be refrigerated

One of the most contested questions in the world of probiotics is simply: Do probiotics need to be refrigerated? But before we get to that. Allow us to say – if you are just starting to use probiotics, that’s great! You’ve taken a step in the right direction for overall better health with the help of […]

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Probiotics Side Effects: The Good, the Bad, and How to Handle Them

probiotics side effects

Let’s take some time to talk about something not often discussed in the world of good bacteria: probiotics side effects. Because as great as probiotics are for aiding your gut microbiome, the truth is that if you’ve decided to supplement your diet with probiotics for gut health, you could run into some side effects that […]

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What are the Best Probiotics for Constipation?

best probiotics for constipation

By the time you find yourself on the hunt for the best probiotics for constipation, it’s fair to say that constipation has become enough of a recurring problem that you’re seeking a longterm solution for it. Researchers from around the world have spent time studying probiotics, to find out how they can help in the […]

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10 Foods High in Probiotics That Deserve a Spot in Your Diet

foods high in probiotics

When it comes to foods high in probiotics, we are all spoiled for choice. Here is a list of probiotic foods from around the world – guaranteed there are some you’ve never even heard of. Miso Another Japanese classic made from fermented soybeans, miso soup will give you a hearty dose of vitamin E, vitamin […]

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What are the Best Probiotics for Cats? 3 Purrfect Picks

best probiotics for cats

Just as you need healthy flora in your gut to remain healthy, choosing the best probiotics for cats will will aid in keeping your feline pal’s immune system functioning at its best. Be sure first that your cat eats a healthy diet for her size and age. In addition, don’t give your cat antibiotics as […]

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3 Best Probiotics for Travel to Pack for Every Trip

best probiotics for travel

If you’re planning a trip, one of the smartest things you can pack is the best probiotics for travel. Your body normally has good and bad bacteria, and you need to maintain a balance, in order to stay healthy. Your diet, age and genetics can influence the bacteria in your gut. If the balance of […]

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9 Delicious Yogurt Dessert Recipes that are Great for Your Gut

yogurt dessert recipes

I dare you to think of one food that is more associated with gut health than good old yogurt. And for good reason, too – this fermented breakfast staple is brimming with probiotics cultures that strengthen the digestive tract. But why limit this creamy, delicious probiotic food to the confines of the breakfast table? Especially […]

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Should I Take Probiotics with Antibiotics?

probiotics with antibiotics

Wondering if it is a good idea to take probiotics with antibiotics? You aren’t alone! As we start to learn more how dangerous antibiotics can be and how beneficial probiotics can be, many of us have started to debate the pros and cons of taking probiotic supplements – even as we’re on antibiotics. But is […]

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